In attendance: Hanny, Jenny P, Meghan, Lauren, Gabi, Lea, Bryce

@MIT: None

Absent: Jenny W, Julia

  • Winter Meeting
    1. Usually meeting is on a Tues or Thurs. The following dates will not work: Feb 16, Feb 18th
    2. Ocean sciences is the week of Feb 22 so that should be avoided
    3. Notes from last year are on the google drive, Meghan will send out a 1 page summary for the student body to know what has been previously discussed
    4. Will need to email the student body to ask for what they want discussed
  • JP Retreat
    1. First weekend of February is preferable. Pending confirmation of availability
    2. Previous years required payment ($40), perhaps we can use more funds to reduce cost - Check with Julia
    3. Send out save the data ASAP
    4. Follow up email with sign-ups, info for MITOC, payment, etc.
  • Open House
    1. March 14 (MIT), March 15 (WHOI). Students arrive in Cambridge on Sunday
    2. Kris Kipp will probably handle MIT side of things
    3. Student usually meets them on Sunday to take them out for dinner
    4. Ben Jones created list last year for volunteers for events will resend this year
  • Steinbach Scholars
    1. Lea sent out instructions for Steinbach scholar arrangements
    2. Start seeking nominations as soon as possible
    3. When you have your nomination you have to get Meg to approve it
    4. Get help and delegate!
    5. They will give an institution talk, a department talk and a student talk
  • Public Service Center
    1. April 19th the MIT public service center has an event, when students can volunteer for a few (2-4) hours for that day.
    2. They would love to have a sister event here at WHOI that our students could serve in.
    3. Event also serves to get student aware of the resources at the Public Service Center, i.e. small 1k grants to fund a service project, or arranging a work-study compensation for long term service commitment.
  • Automatic email
    1. Perhaps the younger students do not know about the funding opportunities that are available, may be good to set up an automatic email from the jp-reps acct just to remind ppl of funding opportunities. – approved.